How Disney’s Latest Release Makes Uninstalling the Hulu App a No-Brainer

Disney Plus Integrates Hulu, Making Streaming Simpler for Users

Disney Plus has just made a big move by integrating Hulu into its app. This means that users who subscribe to the Disney and Hulu Duo Bundle (available for $9.99 with ads and $19.99 without) will now have access to most of Disney and Hulu’s content libraries within the Disney Plus app.

Although the full merge is expected to take place in March 2024, U.S. customers who are subscribed to the Duo Bundle can already access a limited portion of Hulu’s content within the Disney Plus app during this “beta” period.

Disney has stated that this staged rollout of content is to ensure that parents and families have adequate parental controls in place before everything is available. The company has also revamped parental controls and made changes to password sharing to manage content through profiles instead of sharing across households.

It’s important to note that Disney is not removing the Hulu app from app stores worldwide. Instead, this integration is designed to provide Disney Plus Bundle subscribers with a more convenient way to access all the content they pay for in one app, rather than having multiple apps installed.

For those who only subscribe to Disney Plus or Hulu separately, they can continue to use the individual apps to access their favorite content.

The idea of merging the two services was initially discussed back in May, and Disney launched new subscription bundles in September to prepare for this big move. Now, with the integration of Hulu into the Disney Plus app, users can look forward to a more streamlined streaming experience.