Unveiling the Top 10 Best-Sounding Smartphones of 2023: Prepare to be Amazed!

In 2023, as we approached the end of the year, our attention turned to the smartphones that made the biggest impression. While many people focus on features like cameras, display, and battery life, we decided to look at an often overlooked aspect of smartphones – the speaker quality. After thoroughly testing over 110 phones throughout the year, we are excited to present our shortlist of the best-sounding smartphones of 2023.

We understand that the size and cost of a device can significantly influence the quality of speakers, so we have organized our shortlisted devices into different categories. You won’t find all reviewed phones on these pages because we’ve already shortlisted the best ones. Choosing the absolute best ones is a bit subjective, so we’ve left a handful of shortlisted devices in each category rather than outright singling the top ones. This also adds some context, which is helpful when choosing your favorite smartphone.

When listening to these recordings, it’s important to use your best headphones and make sure they are at maximum volume to get the full experience.

For the category of foldable smartphones, the Oppo Find N3/OnePlus Open took the top spot among larger, fold-style devices, with the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 coming in second. The vivo X Fold 2 also received an honorable mention. In the compact flip-style category, the Galaxy Z Flip5 and the Oppo Find N3 Flip stood out, with the Galaxy Z Flip5 ultimately being chosen as the best sound device.

Join us on the next page where we will discuss the best speakers in the midrange category, which is sure to be a much more contested category.