Rebooted and Revamped: Discover the New and Improved Beeper Mini with Key Changes!

A New Way to Send iMessage on Android

Beeper Mini, a new app that allows Android users to send iMessage texts, ran into some trouble shortly after its launch. Apple patched an “exploit” that Beeper was using, causing the app to stop working. However, over the weekend, Beeper managed to restore the ability to use iMessage via Beeper Cloud, and now Beeper Mini is up and running again.

To continue using Beeper Mini, users will need to download and install the updated Beeper Mini APK manually. Subscriptions have been halted for the time being. Despite Apple’s efforts to stop Beeper Mini from working, the company has been working tirelessly to find a workaround.

In a blog post, Beeper cofounders Eric Migicovsky and Brad Murray shared details about what happened and provided a link to download the updated version of Beeper Mini. The new version requires users to sign in using an Apple ID to use iMessage and is currently free to use.

Beeper also aims to improve communication security between Android and iPhone users. The company plans to make its codebase open to review by a mutually agreed-upon 3rd party security research firm. Additionally, Beeper may consider adding a pager emoji to messages sent via Beeper Mini.

Despite the challenges and the ongoing back-and-forth with Apple, Beeper continues to work towards providing a seamless iMessage experience for Android users. The company’s dedication to security and privacy is evident in its efforts to remain transparent and open to scrutiny. The future of Beeper Mini and its relationship with Apple remains to be seen, but for now, Android users can once again enjoy the ability to send iMessage texts with Beeper Mini.