Apple’s iMessage Protection Puts Beeper’s Mini in Jeopardy Yet Again

Beeper, the company that made iMessage available on Android, is facing more challenges. The company said that some users cannot receive iMessages on Beeper Mini and Beeper Cloud. This comes after Apple promised to continue fighting against Beeper’s unauthorized access to iMessage.

Beeper Mini was able to run iMessage on Android without needing an Apple ID, but this only lasted for three days before Apple blocked it. Beeper then managed to get iMessage working with an Apple ID, but phone number activation no longer worked.

The company decided to hold off on charging its original $2 monthly subscription until phone number activation worked. Although Beeper is working on restoring iMessage in a limited capacity, it is not generating any revenue.

Apple publicly stated its intent to block any attempt by Beeper to access its iMessage platform. The company said that they took steps to protect users by blocking techniques that exploit fake credentials to gain access to iMessage.

Beeper, on the other hand, stands behind its product, stating that Beeper Mini keeps messages private and boosts security compared to unencrypted SMS.

With these latest developments, it is clear that Apple is determined to fight unauthorized access to iMessage. It will be challenging for Beeper to compete with a company as big as Apple.

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