Attention Mac Users: Beeper’s iMessage Fix Releasing This Week – Don’t Miss Out!

Beeper Fixes iMessage Activation for Android with Mac Registration Data

Beeper, the company behind the fight for its Android client for iMessage, has come up with a fix that will be released tomorrow for Beeper Cloud and Beeper Mini. This fix requires users to own or have access to a Mac.

The reason for this fix is that Beeper was using Mac registration data for iMessage activation on Android phones, but Apple easily spotted this method. Now, Beeper will ask users to use their own Mac’s registration data with Beeper Cloud and Mini so that Android clients are harder to spot.

According to Beeper, users can share their Mac’s registration data with about 10-20 other users, and those users won’t be able to see any of their messages.

In a Reddit post on Tuesday, Beeper explained that the fix will come tomorrow and that it has been using Mac identifiers to authorize Beeper activations for iMessage. The company believes that this method is the reason Apple is able to spot and block Beeper Cloud & Mini accounts.

However, Beeper assures users that the Mac registration data is only used to indicate that a Mac is available during registration, and the Mac does not have access to user accounts or messages.

The fix will work for Beeper Cloud and Beeper Mini, but users will only be able to use their Apple ID email to send and receive iMessages. Sending iMessages with just phone numbers through Beeper Mini still isn’t fixed and may be gone for good.

While this fix may seem like a loss for Beeper, the company expects service to be restored on Wednesday for Beeper Cloud and Mini through this method. It remains to be seen whether this fix stabilizes Beeper and whether users are willing to make these compromises.

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