Maximize Your iPhone’s Potential: The Ultimate Guide to Automating the Always-On Display

Apple is improving its always-on screen feature with the iPhone 14 Pro and 15 Pro. With the release of iOS 16.2, Apple gives users the ability to customize their always-on display. Users can now turn off colored wallpapers and notifications from the always-on screen and schedule/automate when always-on is enabled via Focus Filters. Here’s how to automate iPhone always-on display:

How to Automate iPhone Always-On Display with Focus Filters:
– Open the Settings app on your iPhone 14 Pro/Pro Max or 15 Pro/Pro Max (iOS 16.4 or later required)
– Choose Focus and pick an existing focus or create a new one
– Swipe down and under Focus Filters tap Add Filter
– At the bottom, choose the new “Always On Display”
– The default will be to turn it on, tap Add in the top right corner
– To automate this, make sure you have either Smart Activation on or a schedule set for the Focus you’ve added always-on to (just above Focus Filters)
You can also tie the always-on on/off filter to different Lock Screens by linking them with a Focus mode (long-press on your Lock Screen > tap Focus)
Jump into another Focus mode and set always-on to off to automate the feature
Users can also set up control of the always-on display in the Shortcuts app – which offers Siri support:
– Open the Shortcuts app
– Tap the + in the top right corner
– Choose Add Action
– Use the search bar to find “Set Always On Display”
– Tap the blue Turn or On buttons to customize what will happen when you run the Shortcut
– Tap Done in the top right corner to add your new Shortcut
This guide on how to automate iPhone always-on display was provided by 9to5Mac. This improvement in always-on display customization makes the feature more appealing and convenient for users.