Discover why the Arlo Essential and Essential XL Wireless Outdoor Security Camera is the perfect choice for cloud-based living: Our review

Arlo security cameras are well-known for being expensive, but they’ve now released a more budget-friendly option with the new Essential and Essential XL Wireless Outdoor Security Cameras.

The two cameras share almost all the same features, except for the battery size. The XL model boasts a larger battery than the regular model, which gives it a much longer battery life. This means users can go up to 16 months without needing to recharge the XL, compared to only four months with the regular model.

Though the design of the cameras has changed to resemble the rest of Arlo’s devices, the spotlight has been shifted from above the sensor to below it. Setting up these cameras is super simple and can be done through the Arlo app.

Both the Arlo Essential and Essential XL cameras are available in either a 2K video resolution or 1080p HD. Going for the higher resolution will add $50 to the price of either camera.

The Arlo app provides a fair amount of customization, although it can be difficult to find individual device settings since the recent app redesign. Additionally, these cameras require a subscription to use, which some users may find frustrating.

One reviewer found the new app redesign to be less user-friendly and frustrating. But the overall experience is considered positive, which can be a deterrent for someone who wants granular control over their Arlo security cameras.

If you already have some experience using Arlo security cameras and are willing to pay for the subscription service, these new cameras could be a good addition to your home security setup. If you already have some of Arlo’s other devices, the new cameras would be a good fit to keep the design language consistent. Overall, they seem to be good value for money, however, it would be beneficial to do more research before buying.