Exclusive: Apple’s Top Product Design Executive May Leave in February – Find Out Why!

Apple’s Product Design Executive set to leave in February

Tang Tan, the executive in charge of product design for Apple’s iPhone and Apple Watch, is rumored to be leaving the company in February. The news, reported by Bloomberg, has not been confirmed by Apple. Tan’s potential departure would follow a recent announcement of another high-profile executive leaving the company.

As Vice President of Product Design, Tan has played a crucial role in developing the features of the iPhone and Apple Watch, as well as overseeing the design of accessories and managing the team responsible for the development of AirPods. Tan reports to John Ternus, the senior vice president of hardware engineering.

With Tan’s potential departure, there could be changes within Ternus’ team. Richard Dinh, who currently oversees Product Design for the iPhone, may take on a larger role within the organization. Kate Bergeron, who is currently in charge of Mac teams, could potentially lead the Apple Watch design. Additionally, Matthew Costello, who oversees Beats and the HomePod smart speaker, may take on the management of accessories design and the acoustics team.

Ternus, who has been in charge of hardware engineering since 2021, has made other changes within the organization, indicating that more leadership changes could be on the horizon for Apple in the coming year. However, Apple has not officially confirmed Tan’s departure, so it remains to be seen how the company will handle the potential changes within its product design leadership.

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