Breaking: Apple’s newest watches back on the market as sales ban put on hold

Apple gets temporary relief as US court halts ban on selling Apple Watches with SpO2 sensors

Apple recently faced a ban on selling its latest Apple Watches in the US due to a patent dispute with medical technology company Masimo. The ban came as a result of the inclusion of SpO2 (blood oxygen level) sensors in the Apple Watches.

However, Apple appealed against this order in the US Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit. The company requested a temporary halt on the ban until the US Customs could determine if the changes made to the Apple Watch would be enough to avoid the dispute.

Much to Apple’s relief, the court granted the request, allowing the tech giant to resume the sales of its latest watches through its stores until the next hearing scheduled for January 12, 2024.

Following the initial ban, Apple had pulled the Watch Series 9 and Watch Ultra 2 from its online and offline stores, allowing third-party retailers to continue sales until stocks ran out. With the temporary halt on the ban, Apple can now resume sales through its stores.

The stay on the ban could be extended by the appeals court, giving Apple more time to sell its latest watches, or the US Customs could rule against Apple, preventing the company from selling its smartwatches with SpO2 sensors.

This development comes as a temporary relief for Apple, and the company will have to wait for further rulings to see how the situation unfolds.

The ban on selling Apple Watches with SpO2 sensors has been a topic of discussion in the tech and medical industries, and the outcome of the patent dispute will have a significant impact on Apple’s future sales in the US market.

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