Revolutionary Feature: Apple Watches to include External Flashlight in Future Models

Apple may soon add a new and practical feature to its Apple Watches – an external flashlight! The current Apple Watches already have a flashlight feature that turns the screen white, but the new external flashlight would be even more useful.

A patent granted to Apple reveals that the company is working on a “Modular Light Assembly For A Wearable Device” that can be connected externally to a smartwatch’s housing and band. The external flashlight would allow users to point it like a torchlight wherever they want to shine it, unlike the current feature that requires them to turn their wrist to point the watch’s screen.

The modular light will have its own power source so that it won’t affect the Apple Watch’s battery. It could also have a button to turn it on/off without interacting with the Apple Watch. However, the patent also suggests that users could control the external flashlight with their Apple Watch.

Furthermore, the modular light could also have an IP rating to prevent liquid ingress to sensitive components. The patent also reveals that the modular light is separable from the watch’s band, meaning it could be sold as a separate accessory for the Apple Watch. This could potentially lead to Apple launching new bands for the external flashlight.

Overall, the addition of an external flashlight to future Apple Watches could prove to be a practical and convenient feature for users. Whether they need to find their way in the dark or just need a little extra light, the external flashlight could make the Apple Watch even more versatile and useful. With Apple constantly innovating and adding new features to its products, the future of wearable technology looks bright – quite literally!