Get Ready for the Future: Apple Watch Ultra (2026) – Bigger Screen, Higher Price, and More Features!

Apple Fans Can Look Forward to the 2026 Apple Watch Ultra

Even though it might seem early, Apple fans are already thinking about the 2026 Apple Watch Ultra. The new watch is expected to have a larger screen, measuring 2.12 inches, compared to the 1.91-inch displays used in previous versions. This would be the first time that Apple’s premium smartwatch features a screen larger than 2 inches.

The larger screen will be made possible by the use of micro-LED technology, which will also be used in future iPhones. However, the new display is expected to cost 2.5 to 3 times more than the current Apple Watch Ultra screen, which could result in a price hike for the new device.

TSMC, the world’s largest foundry, is also reportedly working on a new A21 Pro chipset that could power the iPhone 19 series. The application processor is said to be produced using a 1.4nm process node, following the current 2nm node that TSMC is using.

Improving the yield for the micro-LED display is important for Apple, as it plans to use the technology in other devices, including the iPhone. Low yield means paying a higher price for each panel that passes quality control, so a one-year delay is expected to help with this issue.

Overall, Apple fans can start looking forward to the 2026 Apple Watch Ultra, which is expected to come with a larger screen and possibly a higher price. With advancements in technology and chipset development, the new smartwatch is set to offer an improved user experience for Apple enthusiasts.