Apple Watch Users Beware: Official Warning Against Fake Chargers!

Apple Warns Apple Watch Owners About Third-Party Chargers

Apple has issued a warning to Apple Watch owners regarding the use of third-party chargers. The company has posted a support document titled “Identify authentic and certified Apple Watch chargers” to help customers identify legitimate chargers.

According to the support document, using counterfeit or uncertified chargers could result in slow charging, repeated chimes, and reduced battery lifespan. Apple advises customers to avoid using chargers that are not from Apple or lack MFi certification from the company.

To determine the legitimacy of a charger, Apple Watch owners should check for the following characteristics:
– Legitimate Apple chargers are always white, with some including regulatory info printed on the cable.
– The charger must have one of the specified model numbers printed on the cable.
– The manufacturer listed online should show Apple as the manufacturer.

To further verify the authenticity of a third-party Apple Watch charger, customers can use their Mac to check the manufacturer of the charger. Third-party manufacturers certified by Apple will display “Made for Watch” badges with the Apple logo on their packaging.

Additionally, Apple has provided a link for customers to search for certified Apple Watch chargers using the model number, brand, or UPC/EAN code. If the charger is not on the list of certified accessories, Apple advises customers to purchase a charger made by Apple or a certified manufacturer.

With this warning, Apple aims to ensure the safety and performance of Apple Watch chargers for its customers. It’s important for Apple Watch owners to carefully verify the authenticity of their chargers to avoid any potential issues with their devices.