‘Kentucky Woman’s Apple Watch Saves Her and Her Baby’s Life

A 2023 report from Fox19 shares the story of a Northern Kentucky woman, Veronica Williams, who thanks her Apple Watch for saving her and her baby’s life. She received high heart rate notifications on her Apple Watch while pregnant, and after feeling short of breath, she called her doctor and was rushed into an emergency c-section. Williams was diagnosed with a rare form of myocarditis, but both she and her baby are now doing great after spending a month in the hospital.

Her surgeons were noble and promptly acted, quickly delivering the baby and treating Veronica. She then spent a month in the hospital. After that, the two are doing great. Now she can look back and tell the story about the time when she was helped all thanks to a device on her wrist.

Apple Watch heart rate notifications work by alerting the user if their heart rate remains above or below a certain set beats per minute. Apple Watch users can set these notifications by following a few simple steps on their iPhone. The notifications are available for users above the age of 13 and on Apple Watch Series 1 or later.

Simple procedures on the iPhone and tracking information on the Watch could save lives. This woman now watches her acquired baby after a traumatic entry in motherhood.