Get the inside scoop on Apple’s new discount pricing feature for App Store subscriptions

In 2024, Apple will Introduce Contingent Pricing Feature for App Store Subscriptions

Apple has announced a new feature called “contingent pricing” that will be available in the App Store. This new feature will allow developers to offer discounted subscription prices to customers who are actively subscribed to another publication.

According to the post on the Apple Developer website, contingent pricing will give customers a discount on a subscription as long as they are subscribed to another publication. The discount will continue every month as long as the customer remains subscribed to both publications.

Developers are being encouraged to start planning how they will incorporate contingent pricing into their App Store pricing strategies. They can sign up to receive a notification from Apple in January for more details related to contingent pricing.

The tech giant also explained that customers will be able to find publications in the App Store that offer contingent pricing in the publication’s App Store listing, off-platform marketing channels, and planned placements in the App Store.

Apple will assist developers in managing the implementation of contingent pricing by providing customers with a seamless redemption and purchasing experience based on the contingent price proposition that the developers will be offering.

This new feature is still in the testing phase and will be onboarded to more developers in the coming months. It will not be available to App Store customers until sometime next year.

Therefore, in 2024, developers will have the option to offer contingent pricing on subscriptions in the App Store, providing more flexibility and benefits to customers who subscribe to multiple publications.