Breaking News: Apple Announces Return Date for Banned Watches Amid Exclusion Order Delay

Apple Watch Ultra 2 and Series 9 Back in Stock at Select Apple Stores

Apple has announced that select Apple Stores in the U.S. will have the Apple Watch Series 9 and Apple Watch Ultra 2 back in stock by today. More physical Apple Stores will have these models restocked starting this coming Saturday. The online Apple Store ( will start offering the timepieces again starting Thursday, December 28th, starting at 12 pm PST/3 pm EST.

The availability of these popular smartwatches comes after Apple faced an Exclusion Order that temporarily banned the sale of the Apple Watch Ultra 2 in the U.S. However, the hold on the Exclusion Order is expected to end on January 10th, allowing Apple to continue selling these models.

In addition, Apple has submitted a software update to U.S. Customs, which it claims will allow them to offer the pulse oximeter on the Apple Watch without infringing on Masimo’s patents. The government is set to make a decision on January 12th regarding the software update and whether it allows Apple to end the Exclusion Order.

Customers who have been eagerly awaiting the availability of the Apple Watch Ultra 2 and Series 9 can now look forward to purchasing these popular wearables in the U.S. through select Apple Stores and the online Apple Store. With the anticipated software update and the end of the Exclusion Order on the horizon, Apple is working to ensure that its customers can continue to enjoy the latest technology and features offered by these smartwatches. Stay tuned for further updates on the availability and sales of the Apple Watch Ultra 2 and Series 9 in the U.S. market.