Get Ready for Entertainment on the Go! Apple Podcasts Coming to Tesla Vehicles in Exciting Holiday Update

In a major development, Apple Podcasts is set to make its way into Tesla vehicles through an upcoming holiday update, as reported by 9to5Mac. This means that owners of Model S, Model 3, Model Y, and the new Cybertruck will soon have access to the popular podcast app right from their car’s entertainment system.

While the app itself is free, access to streaming shows over the car’s cellular connection will require a subscription to Tesla Premium Connectivity. Upon the update’s rollout, users can easily locate the Apple Podcasts app in their car’s App Launcher and pin it to the touchscreen’s bottom dock for convenient access in the future.

The integration of the Apple Podcasts app into Tesla vehicles is expected to be similar to the process of adding the Apple Music app, which joined the Tesla platform during last year’s holiday season. Users will be able to sign in by scanning a QR code on their iPhone and linking their Apple ID to the Tesla Podcasts app.

Once integrated, the Tesla app will seamlessly incorporate all key features of the Apple Podcasts experience, including the Library and Listen Now tabs, as well as a synced Up Next queue. This will allow for playback state synchronization across devices, enabling users to seamlessly transition from their car to their iPhone and pick up where they left off.

In addition, Tesla owners will be able to explore and discover podcasts directly from their vehicle, thanks to the Browse tab, which will feature recommendations and top charts. Podcast playback will work with Tesla’s Media Player, providing convenient playback control while driving. Moreover, results from Apple Podcasts will seamlessly integrate into Tesla’s unified search experience.

It is anticipated that this update will make Apple Podcasts available to Tesla owners in 47 countries and regions across 14 languages. This move marks another expansion of the Podcasts app beyond Apple’s ecosystem, following its embrace of Amazon Alexa devices in 40 countries worldwide.

Overall, the integration of Apple Podcasts into Tesla vehicles is poised to enhance the in-car entertainment experience for millions of Tesla owners, giving them easy access to a diverse range of podcast content while on the go.