Never Forget Where You Parked Again with Android Auto’s New Feature – Try it Now!

The Latest Update for Android Auto Users makes Parking a Breeze

If you are an Android Auto user, you know the struggle of trying to find where you parked your car. But now, Google Maps has added a new feature to make this task much easier.

According to 9to5Google, the latest version of Google Maps for Android Auto now prompts users to save their parking location when they reach their destination. A simple “Save Parking Location” button appears on the navigation screen, ensuring that you won’t have to wander aimlessly in parking lots anymore.

When you tap the button, your parking coordinates are saved in your Google account and you will receive a reminder on your Android device the following day. This feature even takes into account your movements after you arrive at your destination, capturing the precise location even if you spend time circling around for a spot.

This new functionality is an extension of the 2017 addition to Google Maps for Android and iOS, making it even more convenient for users. And for those who prefer the traditional route, you can still save your parking spot through the Maps app by tapping the blue dot indicating your location and selecting “Save Your Parking.”

In addition to this update, Google Maps has recently undergone a visual overhaul, with some users finding its new color palette a bit confusing. This transformation has also made its way to Android Auto, ensuring a consistent experience for all users.

Google Maps has been the most popular and used navigation tool in the world since it was introduced in 2005, with over 67% of smartphone users relying on it. The runner-up is Waze, the app acquired by Google in 2013, which has also made its way into all cars with Google built-in earlier this year.

With these updates and improvements, Android Auto users can now have an easier time navigating and remembering where they parked their cars, thanks to Google Maps.