Exclusive: Pixel 8 AI features leaked in One UI 6.1 – Get ready for Galaxy S24 AI upgrade!

Samsung’s One UI 6.1 is getting some exciting new features, according to a recent leak. It seems like the new software will be bringing some of Google’s AI magic to Galaxy phones, starting with the Galaxy S24.

Some of the leaked features include AI-generated wallpapers, which will allow users to express themselves with unique and custom wallpapers. These wallpapers will be created using Google’s Pixel 8 generative AI technology. In addition to this, the lock screen will also be getting some upgrades, including weather effects and portrait-style frame effects.

The Magic Editor, which will rival Google’s Pixel 8’s photo editing capabilities, will also be introduced for Galaxy phones. This will allow users to edit their photos with AI magic, including the ability to stretch photo borders and move subjects around by simply dragging and dropping.

The Notes app is also set to receive some AI-powered upgrades, including the ability to turn handwritten notes into neat bullet-pointed lists. Another exciting feature is the live phone call translation, allowing users to chat in real-time with someone speaking a different language.

One UI 6.1 will also introduce some charging tricks to keep your battery healthy during overnight charging. This includes Adaptive protection, which caps the charge at 80%, and Maximum protection, which sticks to an 80% charge to ensure a longer battery lifespan.

These new features are expected to arrive on the Samsung Galaxy S24, which has been referred to as Samsung’s “AI phone.” However, One UI 6.1 is also set to arrive on the Samsung Galaxy S23 and other top-notch Samsung phones, giving users a taste of the future of smartphone technology.

With these new features, Samsung is showcasing its commitment to pushing the boundaries of smartphone technology and providing users with innovative and exciting features. The future of Galaxy phones looks promising, and users can expect a whole new level of customization and AI-powered capabilities with the upcoming One UI 6.1 update.

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