WhatsApp introduces ‘View Once’ for voice messages – the ultimate privacy feature

WhatsApp Introduces “View Once” Feature for Voice Messages

In August 2021, WhatsApp introduced the “View Once” feature for photos and videos, allowing users to send self-destructing images and clips. Now, the messaging app has expanded this feature to include voice messages.

The “View Once” for voice messages, which some users have humorously suggested should be called “Hear Once,” operates similarly to the feature for photos and videos. Once an audio message is opened by the recipient, it cannot be replayed or saved on their device. Additionally, the sender will not be able to listen to the message after it has been sent.

To indicate that the message has been opened, a label reading “Opened” will be displayed, as long as the recipient has enabled read receipts.

To send a View Once voice message on WhatsApp, users can follow these simple steps:
1. Open an individual or group chat.
2. Tap the microphone.
3. Swipe up to lock the recording.
4. Tap and hold record.
5. Tap the view once icon (when it turns green, you’re in view once mode).
6. Tap the send button.

WhatsApp has assured users that, like View Once photos and videos, View Once voice messages are also marked with the “one time” icon and are end-to-end encrypted by default.

The rollout of View Once voice messages will take place globally in the coming days, according to WhatsApp.

This new feature aims to provide users with increased privacy and security when sending sensitive voice messages. With the expansion of the “View Once” feature, WhatsApp continues to enhance its platform to meet the evolving needs of its users.

For more information on this update, you can visit the official WhatsApp blog.