Wake up! User shares game-changing fix for silent iPhone alarms – no more missing important events!

Do you rely on your iPhone alarm to wake you up in the morning? Well, many people on Reddit have been complaining that their alarms have stopped ringing, leaving them to sleep through important events.

One user, overallxaverage, took to Reddit to ask if other users’ alarms are not going off properly. “Has anyone else had issues with their alarms failing to go off in the morning like this? I usually set several sequential alarms, as you can see in this picture. Only my alarm for 6:45 AM actually sounded, & I woke up to find that my earlier alarms had all remained “set” but failed to sound. None of these are recurring alarms, so they shouldn’t “reset” themselves after going off. I also did not snooze any of the first alarms. Is this happening to anyone else? It’s incredibly inconvenient, as the time I actually want to wake up is 6:38 AM.”

It turns out that many are facing the same issue, with the common theme being that sometimes the iPhone alarm goes off without any sound. This seems to be a problem with the iOS 17 update and is connected with Apple’s ‘Attention Aware’ feature, which uses the TrueDepth camera to determine if you are paying attention to your iPhone and takes actions accordingly, such as lowering the volume sound of alerts if it detects you are looking at your phone.

Several fixes have been proposed, such as turning off the Attention Aware feature in the Accessibility settings or the Face ID & Attention menu. Users can also try turning off the Standby Mode, spacing out alarms, and using the default alarm sound. If all else fails, users will have to wait for Apple to roll out a fix.

In the meantime, it seems like people may have to go back to using the good old alarm clock if they want to make sure they wake up on time.