Experience Lightning-Fast Charging with Ugreen’s Nexode Pro Series – Click Here for the Revolutionary Technology!

Ugreen, a company known for its charging technology, has released a new line of chargers called the Nexode Pro Series. This new series includes four chargers that promise to provide fast and efficient charging while being eco-friendly.

The chargers in the Nexode Pro Series are equipped with Airpyra™ Technology, which allows for a more compact design without sacrificing power. Despite their small size, these chargers are able to efficiently power up devices. They also support multiple fast charging protocols, making them compatible with a wide range of devices, from smartphones to laptops.

One of the standout features of the Nexode Pro lineup is the incorporation of GaNInfinity™ Chips, which contribute to a greener environment by reducing CO2 emissions. This aligns with Ugreen’s commitment to eco-conscious technology.

The Nexode Pro Series includes chargers such as the Nexode Pro 65W 3-Port GaN Ultra-Slim Fast Charger, which is small enough to fit into a pocket or bag and has multiple charging ports for convenience. There is also the Nexode Pro 160W 4-Port GaN Fast Charger, which is capable of charging power-hungry devices with its 160-watt capacity and multiple charging ports.

The Nexode Pro 100W and 160W chargers are currently available on Amazon and Ugreen.com, with the Nexode Pro 65W Ultra-Slim and Nexode Pro 65W Mini set to debut in January on the same platforms.

Ugreen’s commitment to delivering innovative, efficient, and environmentally friendly charging solutions is evident in the Nexode Pro Series. With its compact design, superior performance, and broad compatibility, this series is set to transform the fast-charging landscape for consumers worldwide.

Since 2012, Ugreen has become a reliable brand serving over 40 million users globally with its range of accessories and digital solutions. The Nexode Pro Series is a testament to Ugreen’s pursuit of excellence, innovation, and sustainability in the realm of consumer electronics.