Breaking News: TSMC Unveils 1.4nm A14 Chips After 2nm – What You Need to Know!

TSMC Announces Plans for 1.4nm Chips

TSMC, a leading manufacturer of semiconductor chips, is already looking beyond the 2nm chips it recently showcased to some of its biggest clients like Apple and Nvidia. The company is now focusing on the next generation of chips that will use a 1.4nm process.

This move comes just days after TSMC shared test results for its 2nm chips with Apple. The 1.4nm chips will be labeled as A14, similar to the name of the 5nm chip used in the iPhone 12 lineup.

Currently, TSMC is using a 3nm process for its A17 Pro chip in the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max, as well as the M3 chip in the latest Macs. This process will also be seen in next year’s iPhone 16 Pro devices.

TSMC aims to make its 2nm chips available for volume production in 2025, and it is expected to be the most advanced semiconductor technology in the industry in both density and energy efficiency.

However, the company has not provided a specific timeframe for the release of the 1.4nm chips, stating only that they are “in development.” This naming scheme has raised some eyebrows as it conflicts with the names of iPhone and iPad processors.

Some observers have even suggested that TSMC may have chosen this naming convention to compete with Intel, whose most advanced chip currently in development is known as 18A.

Given that Apple is TSMC’s most important customer, the race for manufacturing smaller and more advanced chips is certainly heating up. With the push towards ever smaller processes, it should be interesting to see how TSMC’s latest developments will impact the industry in the coming years.