Revolutionary Design: Sony Xperia Pro Rumored to Feature Rotating Camera Ring for Ultimate Flexibility

A new model of the Sony Xperia Pro phone is set to have a rotating camera ring that will control features like zoom, aperture, and focus. This information is coming from a post on Weibo, a Chinese social media platform, and discussed on a Japanese website called sumahodigest. The rotating camera ring will be similar to the Sony Xperia Pro-I but with some new enhancements.

The camera module on the new Xperia Pro model is rumored to have a single ring that will control one of the three features at a time. This innovative feature is expected to make the phone’s camera functions more intuitive and user-friendly. There are some doubts about the smooth adjustment of the aperture, but the new model may offer multiple steps between f/1.2 and f/4.0, providing more control over the camera’s settings.

In addition to the improvements in the camera, the new Xperia Pro model may also serve as an additional control for Sony’s mirrorless cameras. This would allow users to use the phone as an external display and control for their mirrorless cameras, adding more versatility to the device.

The new Sony Xperia Pro-II is expected to be released next year, three years after the Pro-I. It is likely that more detailed leaks and information will emerge as the launch date approaches. The Pro-II is also expected to upgrade all three camera modules, providing users with enhanced camera capabilities.

Overall, the new Sony Xperia Pro model is shaping up to be a significant upgrade from its predecessor, with improvements in camera control and capabilities. The phone may be unveiled at the MWC next year and join the Xperia 1 VI and 5 VI, or it may have a dedicated launch of its own. More details about the new Xperia Pro model are expected to be revealed in the coming months.

The source of this information was the Japanese website sumahodigest, where the original post in Chinese was discussed. This indicates that the new Xperia Pro model is generating interest and anticipation among tech enthusiasts and consumers worldwide.