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T-Mobile Introduces new Yearly Upgrade Program
T-Mobile has announced a new program for its customers called Yearly Upgrade. This program will allow customers to upgrade to a new phone every year with only a few simple requirements. Customers will need to buy a new phone on an installment plan, stay on that plan for at least six months, and pay half of the device cost.

The new Yearly Upgrade program replaces the previous Forever Upgrade program, offering a more flexible and speedy upgrade option for T-Mobile customers. With Yearly Upgrade, customers can upgrade to any phone in T-Mobile’s lineup, not just iPhones, and will only have to wait six months as opposed to the previous 24 months. Additionally, customers will only need to pay 50 percent of a device’s cost or 12 installments instead of 24 payments before being eligible for an upgrade.

For customers who were already signed up for the Forever Upgrade program before December 7, 2023, they will retain their current promotional offer on the phone they have and will receive the new benefits when they choose to upgrade to a new phone. T-Mobile is currently sending text messages to notify customers of the change, and no action is required from customers to receive the new benefits.

T-Mobile is also allowing customers who recently moved to an ineligible plan and were in the process of leaving the Forever Upgrade program to switch back to an eligible plan within 30 days to take advantage of the new Yearly Upgrade perks.

Overall, the Yearly Upgrade program offers T-Mobile customers a more flexible and accessible way to upgrade their phones, giving them the opportunity to stay current with the latest technology every year without any additional hassle or cost. T-Mobile continues to provide its customers with new and improved options for a better mobile experience.