Samsung revolutionizes technology with cutting-edge performance, quality, and generative AI in 2024 – Get all the details now!

Samsung Vows to Focus on Technological Supremacy in 2024

Samsung has unveiled its plans for the new year, with a strong focus on maintaining its technological supremacy. The company’s co-CEO and Vice Chairman Han Jong-hee and co-CEO and President Kyung Kye-hyun jointly announced Samsung’s strategic priorities for 2024, emphasizing the pursuit of “super-gap technologies” to stay ahead of the competition.

In their New Year’s message, the executives highlighted Samsung’s commitment to “technological supremacy and adaptability to future changes” as a means to strengthen the company’s competitiveness. This includes a “customer-first” strategy for Samsung’s mobile, home appliances, and software divisions, with a focus on performance, quality, and generative AI.

Furthermore, Samsung is calling for proactive measures to address future changes in the technological landscape, such as AI, eco-friendly practices, and “lifestyle innovation”. The company is also looking to revolutionize work processes by applying generative AI and is set to launch the Galaxy S24 family with a strong focus on AI capabilities.

The executives have urged the conglomerate’s chip making business to enhance its market position by improving and widening the technological gap with its competitors. They also emphasized the need for a fundamental shift in thinking to discover the green products of the future.

With Samsung’s various divisions gearing up for the year, the company is expected to make significant strides in technology and innovation in 2024. The focus on technological supremacy and adaptability to future changes reflects Samsung’s commitment to maintaining its competitive edge in the years to come.

As the year unfolds, consumers can look forward to seeing what Samsung has in store across its diverse product lines, with a strong emphasis on performance, quality, and innovative AI applications.