Europeans Rejoice: Samsung Galaxy S24 and S24+ Pricing Drops, North America Gets SD8 Gen 3 Upgrade

Samsung is getting ready to unveil its latest smartphones, the Galaxy S24, S24+, and S24 Ultra in an event scheduled for January 17. The new phones are expected to have a similar design to their predecessors but will feature improved chipset performance, according to leaks revealed earlier this month.

Leaked information from the Netherlands suggests that the S24 and S24+ models will be slightly cheaper than their predecessors. Additionally, a leaked specs sheet indicated that the non-Ultra flagships will come with Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 in the US and Canada, while other markets will have the Exynos 2400 treatment.

The pricing for the new phones has also been leaked, with the Galaxy S24 and S24+ expected to be slightly cheaper than the S23 at launch, while the pricing for the Ultra model will remain relatively the same. However, there may be slight deviations in pricing from one EU country to another, depending on currency exchange rates, local regulations, and sales campaigns.

Here’s a breakdown of the expected pricing for the different memory options of the new models:

– Galaxy S24 with 128 GB: €899
– Galaxy S24 with 256 GB: €959
– Galaxy S24+ with 256 GB: €1,149
– Galaxy S24+ with 512 GB: €1,269
– Galaxy S24 Ultra with 256 GB: €1,449
– Galaxy S24 Ultra with 512 GB: €1,569
– Galaxy S24 Ultra with 1 TB: €1,809

In addition to the new phones, the upcoming Galaxy Unpacked event is expected to introduce One UI 6.1, which is set to come with AI features for battery protection and clearer calls with real-life transcriptions.

Overall, Samsung fans can expect the new Galaxy S24 series to provide improved performance and features, all while offering competitive pricing in the market.

– (in Dutch)

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