Exclusive: New Galaxy S24 Ultra Leaks Revealed – See the Major Changes from the S23 Ultra!

The Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra has been leaked, and it looks very similar to the Galaxy S23 Ultra. The leaked pictures show that the speaker on the S24 Ultra is now a long bar, air vents have been moved to the top, and the S Pen has a flattened bottom. The volume buttons are also slightly larger, and the frame appears to be made of titanium instead of aluminum.

The S24 Ultra is thinner than its predecessor, measuring 8.6mm. The speaker on the S24 Ultra has a pill-shaped opening, unlike the grille setup on the S23 Ultra. It seems that the S Pen has also undergone a makeover, making it flatter and slimmer.

It is rumored that the S24 Ultra might join the trend of using titanium in smartphone construction, following the lead of the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max. The leaked images also show that the volume rockers and power button are consistent, but slightly chunkier on the S24 Ultra.

Although it cannot be confirmed if the leaked images are indeed the real Galaxy S24 Ultra, it looks convincing and matches up with previous rumors and leaks. However, we will have to wait for an official announcement from Samsung to confirm the details of the new phone. Stay tuned for more updates on the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra!