Breakthrough: Samsung’s AI Live Translate enables seamless calls between Galaxy and non-Galaxy phones

Samsung is making big changes to its new Galaxy S24 flagship line. According to Nikkei Asia, Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy S24 phones will feature a new AI-based Live Translate Call feature. This feature will allow people speaking different languages to have conversational phone calls as the words said by each caller are translated into the other’s language in real-time. The feature will initially support English and Spanish, with plans to add Korean and Japanese later on.

One unique aspect of this feature is that it will work even when a Galaxy S24 series device is on a call with someone using a phone made by another company. This means that Galaxy S24 owners can talk to people using non-Samsung phones and still have their conversations translated in real-time.

The translations will happen instantly on the device, without any lag or delays commonly seen in cloud-based translation apps. Samsung’s Gauss generative AI model and proprietary processors will be used to provide these on-device translations.

In addition to the Galaxy S24 series, the upcoming Galaxy Buds 3 Pro is also rumored to offer real-time language translation, as well as face-to-face conversation translation. This feature is expected to work even without an internet connection.

The Galaxy S24 flagship series is set to be introduced on January 17th, with pre-orders starting on the same day. The release date for the Galaxy S24, Galaxy S24+, and Galaxy S24 Ultra is rumored to be January 30th. With these new AI features, Samsung is aiming to make communication easier and more accessible for its users.