Revolutionary new approach to hashtags by Threads – Say goodbye to spam and hello to engagement!

Social media platform Threads is bringing a new update to its users. The platform is rolling out topic tags to all users globally after testing them in selected markets. This new feature differs from traditional hashtags by allowing only one tag per post and requiring manual addition in the composer.

Instagram head Adam Mosseri announced in a post that Threads is rolling out the ability to tag a topic in your post globally after a trial run in Australia last month. This feature categorizes posts by topic and lets other users find them through those tags.

The unique feature of these tags is that they support multi-word phrases with spaces and special characters, giving a more natural look to the posts. When a tag is added, it won’t show the usual hash (#) symbol but will appear as blue text, making them easy to spot while keeping things clean and organized.

To add a topic tag in Threads, users can simply type the # key or pick it from the icon lineup in the compose box. A list of popular hashtags will then show up, and users can choose any that matches their post, or they can create their own unique tag.

When tapping on a tag, it will bring users to the search view, making it easier to explore topics that interest them. This feature is similar to the blue comments on TikTok, where the blue text in comments functions as a shortcut to search for related content.

The unique aspect of Threads’ tags is that users are only limited to one tag per post, unlike other chaotic social media posts with a dozen tags. This approach aims to create a more positive and engaging environment by avoiding spam and making it easier to find relevant content.

The intentional tagging also means no more accidental hashtag spam or irrelevant tags cluttering up the feed, as each tag has to be manually added within the composer.

This new feature is designed to focus tags more on communities and less on engagement hacking, where people load up a post with irrelevant tags to snag more views. Threads’ one-tag-per-post rule effectively prevents this engagement hacking and aims to create a more authentic and enjoyable experience for users.

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