Ring in the New Year with the Meta Quest 2! Get it at its first major price drop now!

The popular Meta Quest 2 headset has received a major price drop just in time for the New Year. The 128GB model now sells for $249.99, while the 256GB version is available for $299.99. This new price drop is part of Meta’s strategy to make room for the upcoming release of the Meta Quest 3 Lite.

Over the past three years, the price of the Meta Quest 2 has fluctuated, starting at $299 for the 64GB model and later dropping to $299 for the 128GB model. The price then increased to $399 in 2022 before dropping back down to $299 last summer. Now, with the latest price drop, the 128GB model is half the price of the upcoming Meta Quest 3, which is set to retail for $499.

The larger storage option is becoming more important as games like Asgard’s Wrath 2 and Assassin’s Creed Nexus VR require a significant amount of space. In addition, Meta has pledged to support the Quest 2 for three years after it is discontinued, ensuring continued access to games and updates.

Looking ahead to 2024, Meta is rumored to be preparing to launch the more affordable Meta Quest 3 Lite. Despite the release of the Quest 3, the Quest 2 outsold it this holiday season due to its lower price point. This success has led Meta to continue offering a lower-priced alternative, even after the eventual discontinuation of the Quest 2.

Overall, the recent price drop for the Meta Quest 2 makes it more accessible to consumers and solidifies Meta’s position in the VR market. With the upcoming release of the Quest 3 Lite, Meta is poised to continue its dominance in the industry.