Why iPhone 16 and Galaxy S24 are sticking with the same RAM count as their predecessors – Find out the leaked reasons!

In the world of smartphones, Google started the trend of AI phones with the Pixel 8. This led to expectations that Samsung and Apple would follow suit with the Galaxy S24 and iPhone 16. The focus is now on generative AI and on-device AI, which has been a part of phones for quite some time. However, practical applications of this technology may not live up to the initial hype, which could impact how Samsung and Apple approach their new phones.

According to reports from investment bank Mizuho Securities and leaker @Tech_Reve, it is expected that the Galaxy S24 and iPhone 16 will have the same amount of RAM as their predecessors. The iPhone 15 has 6GB of RAM, and previous reports had indicated the iPhone 16 would come with 8GB of RAM. However, if today’s rumor is true, the base iPhone 16 will continue to have less RAM than the iPhone 16 Pro.

The Galaxy S23 and S23 Plus currently feature 8GB of RAM, with the Ultra offering 8GB and 12GB RAM options. Rumors suggest that there will also be a 12GB Plus model, in addition to an 8GB variant. Despite the need for more RAM due to on-device AI, companies like Samsung and Apple may not increase the RAM count for two reasons: expected increase in memory prices and the fact that real-world applications of on-device AI may not be all that impressive.

However, reports from Macquarie Group state that smartphones with on-device AI need at least 12GB of RAM for image generation capabilities and 20GB of RAM for AI assistant functions. Even if Samsung and Apple don’t fully commit to AI, their new phones are expected to have some AI-powered features. For example, Apple may incorporate AI capabilities into Siri as a main selling point of the iPhone 16, while Samsung is expected to integrate its Gauss generative AI model into the Galaxy S24 to handle increased data demands from AI applications.

While the practical applications of on-device AI and generative AI may not be fully realized, it seems that the future of smartphones is headed in that direction. Whether or not Samsung and Apple will make changes to their new phone models remains to be seen, but it is clear that AI-powered features will be a major focus in the next generation of smartphones.

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