Say goodbye to unwanted apps with remote uninstall feature in the Play Store – coming soon!

Google has announced a new feature that will allow users to uninstall Play Store apps remotely. The feature isn’t widely available yet, but some have managed to use the feature by enabling certain flags in version 38.8 of the Google Play Store. This new tool will “help you uninstall apps on connected devices” and will be similar to remotely installing apps in the Play Store, with a few caveats.

The plans for this new feature were spotted by TheSpAndroid, who noticed references to the feature in Google’s system updates for December. The feature is set to appear in version 38.8 of the Google Play Store, which is rolling out now. However, it seems to be part of an extremely limited rollout.

TheSpAndroid has managed to enable the feature by enabling some flags in the 38.8 build of the Play Store, and it’s still fairly hidden. When it becomes available, users will have to tap their Google account icon and then tap Manage apps & device to get started.

Once the uninstall feature is enabled, users will be able to see installed apps on their other devices and select an app to uninstall it from that device. However, early reports indicate that the Play Store might not show a user’s full list of apps, so there might still be value in managing installed apps on the device itself.

Google says this feature will be available in the Play Store and work with apps on Android Auto, PC, phones, TVs, and Wear OS. The date listed by the company for Play Store v38.8 features is Dec. 11, but as of now, it doesn’t appear to be widely available.

Overall, this new feature will make it easier for users to manage their apps across multiple devices, giving them more control over their app installations and uninstalls.