Get the Galaxy S24 lineup at the same great prices with confirmed satellite feature – Act Now for the Best Deals!

Samsung plans to keep the prices of its new Galaxy S24 trio the same as the previous model, the Galaxy S23. The company also reportedly aims to include an emergency satellite texting feature in the new series.

The emergency texting feature will be available on all Galaxy S24 phones and will meet the 3GPP standards for satellite connection. This feature will allow users to send texts via satellite in emergency situations, similar to the latest iPhones and some Huawei phones.

The goal of Samsung is to maintain the prices of the Galaxy S24 in order to boost sales in the recovering market. The company hopes to achieve 10% more sales than the previous year by shipping a total of 33 million units.

To maintain the prices, Samsung will use the Exynos 2400 chip for the vanilla and Plus models in some markets, while the Galaxy S24 Ultra will be equipped with Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 exclusively.

The leaked information and reports about the new features have created anticipation among consumers for the upcoming Galaxy S24 series. The company is expected to provide more details and official announcements in the coming months before the launch of the new phone lineup.

Overall, Samsung’s strategy for the Galaxy S24 is focused on offering more features at the same or lower price than its competitors, to attract more customers and contribute to its aim of increasing sales.