Apple’s Bold Move: Quarter of iPhone Production Heading to India

Apple to Increase iPhone Production in India

Tech giant Apple has announced plans to shift a quarter of its iPhone production to India over the next two to three years. This move is part of the company’s effort to diversify its production line amidst tensions between the US and China.

According to a report from the Wall Street Journal, over 50 million iPhones will be manufactured in India annually, marking a significant increase in the country’s role as a production hub for Apple.

Despite facing pushback from local unions over issues such as 12-hour work shifts, Apple’s production efforts in India have been steadily increasing. The company managed to produce more iPhone 15 units in India than any other model in 2023, and even released a model made in India on its launch day for the first time.

To support its increased production in India, Apple’s manufacturing partner Foxconn is in the process of building a new plant in Karnataka state, which is expected to begin operations in April 2024. Additionally, the Wall Street Journal report indicates that Apple is also working on another major plant in the country.

While China will remain the largest iPhone producer in the world, Apple’s decision to move a significant portion of its production to India demonstrates the company’s commitment to expanding its global manufacturing footprint.

This shift in production could have positive implications for India, as it will likely lead to increased job opportunities and economic growth in the region. It also reflects a broader trend of tech companies looking to diversify their supply chains and reduce reliance on any single country for production.

Overall, Apple’s decision to ramp up iPhone production in India represents a significant development for both the company and the country, and is expected to have a lasting impact on the global tech industry.