Ring in the New Year with Apple’s Free Gift Card and Engraved AirTag Tracker Promotion in Japan!

Apple is celebrating the upcoming Year of the Dragon in Japan with special promotions for its customers. From January 2 to January 5, 2024, buyers of the latest third-generation iPhone SE, iPhone 13, and iPhone 14 models will receive a gift card valued at 11,000 Yen, which converts to about $77 US. Additionally, the first 50,000 AirTag purchasers will receive a specially engraved “Year of the Dragon” AirTag.

This year’s promotion is running for four days, twice as long as last year’s. Apple also used to have a promotion called “The Lucky Bag,” where consumers could purchase a bag filled with Apple products at a greatly discounted price. In the past, the value of these bags ranged from $640 to $1,280.

Last year’s AirTag promotion delivered an engraved “Year of the Rabbit” item tracker to the first 30,000 units purchased, and this year, the first 60,000 AirTag item trackers bought during the promotional period will be engraved to commemorate the Year of the Dragon.

To receive the special “Year of the Dragon” AirTag, customers will need to visit an Apple Store as it will not be available to buyers using the Apple Store app. The company is known for offering special promotions to celebrate the New Year in Japan, and this year is no exception. Customers can look forward to receiving their free gift cards and special AirTag items as they welcome the start of the Year of the Dragon.